Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration Board

I had this great idea. Yes, I did. It was a wonderful idea until it began to fall apart.

First, I thought: wouldn't it be cool to find an old frame, distress it, and make it into an inspiration board? I began the hunt and actually, it went very quickly. I found a perfect (empty) black frame at A Little of This & That in McHenry. check

I distressed the frame, painted it blue, then white. Sanded it down in parts and then the creme de la creme - I added silver paint to it. Oh, it's so wonderful. check

Then I started the very long hunt for a bulletin board to go "inside" of my frame. Ahh, this was the hitch in my plan. Custom made bulletin boards are "very" expensive. After two weeks of searching a helpful hardware person pointed me to Hobby Lobby where I purchased a "roll" of cork. check, check.

This morning, I began to put everything together. I pulled out my handy-dandy utility knife (isn't this one great? I bought it at Papersource last year.)

I trimmed the corkboard and sprayed the adhesive.

One thing to note: The corkboard shreds a little bit so my edges are not perfect. (This is not a "perfect" crafting blog - rather, learn from these mistakes.) A friend suggested cutting it with my rotary cutter which probably would have worked much better. Point for future consideration, check.

The first piece went fine but alas, the second met a terrible accident and now I have to go back to Hobby Lobby and buy another roll of corkboard. No biggie. Doesn't it look good though?

BTW - using a rotary cutter to trim the corkboard worked really well.

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