Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the beginning....

It is the first official blog post of "Crafting with the Undead."

Recently, in a flurry of emails, Theresa and I longed to be vampires. Why might you ask? What is the attraction apart from sexy, ruggedly handsome male vampires? The attraction (ahem, apart from the sexy, aforementioned male vampires) is that we'd have endless amounts of time to finish our crafts, contemplate new ones, design crafts, live and breathe crafts, yes! Becoming vampires is our answer to our crafting problems which mainly involve time!

So, welcome dear readers. Our plan is this:

Much in the style of Mason-Dixon Knitting, Theresa and I will blog (she lives in another state) together, in this space. We'll share our daily lives, our crafting dilemmas and successes and whatever else pops up into our heads. And, every now and then, we'll give you a chapter of our endearing heroine who seeks a vampire to become one of the undead - so she can expand her alpaca farm!

[photo: Eric from True Blood]

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