Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Powder Room

I've begun thinking about the powder room project and, since I'm a librarian, the most obvious thing for me to do is start researching. So, the first think I did was check out this book from the library - Domino: The Book of Decorating. I really miss this magazine, just as I discovered it, it became defunct just like those television series, you just begin to care about the characters and the series isn't renewed. One of my favorites was this show, Valentine.

I really like the book quite a bit, it talks about incorporating a focus, color interaction, all the things to be considered just like a good HGTV show. I also like how the designers incorporate rooms of their own homes to illustrate points.

As a matter of daily life on the web, I've also been stalking a number of design blogs - Desire to Inspire, the Fat Hydrangea and decor8 to name just a few.

This is what I'm starting with -
(Apologies for the poor lighting, I need to read my camera manual for this one.) Since this is a low budget project, I am keeping: the sink, oak panelling and floor, the mirror, antique lights and the mantle. This is an exterior wall, so the mantle needs to stay as insulation for the sink pipes.

As powder rooms go, I want to have an element of surprise, maybe elegance but certainly different-ness from the rest of the house which I would describe as shabby country since almost all of my (our) furniture is repurposed.

Here's my design board, courtesy of glogster.

I LOVE the fabric sample, above from Schumacher. However, it is fabric, not wallpaper. Yesterday as I was out and about, I stopped at a few paint store who carried wallpaper once upon a time, but alas, no more. So, it looks like I'm going to need to broaden my travels.

Now, if I could wave my magic wand, I would go back about 30 years when a dear librarian I used to work with, wallpapered her shabby cabin bathroom with Alphonse Mucha wallpaper in the most warm shade of brown complete with Mucha's ethereal women. I would love to have some of this wallpaper but I've been up and down the internet and cannot locate anything like it.

So, there you have it. I'm at a standstill until I can get to the wallpaper store. I need to mention, I'm not wholly committed to wallpaper at this point, paint or even stenciling is quite doable as well. Any ideas?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Must-have purchase

I just came across this fabulous blog post by Heather Ross. Do you know Heather? Well, she creates some of the most charming fabric, I mean, I just drool and salivate whenever I come across it - equal only to my passion for Amy Butler and Anna Marie Horner of course.

Heather Ross has designed themes around brides, VW buses, princesses and gnomes, but, with rapidly beating heart, she's going to come out with a line of little girls and their plastic horses this spring.

Oh, my stars! I had my own herd of plastic horses lovingly cared for by my gaggle of Barbies (who were only around because they were the right size.)

I'm going to start stalking, yep, right now. I must have some of this. And, what might I be doing with some fabric? Well, maybe I'll make something for my adorable nieces, but you see, I really do need to keep some for myself. Don't you agree?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Catching up

I've been crazy busy these past two weeks as I'm sure you have been too! Let's see what's we've been up to.

My brother, his wife and lovely daughter were in town and Tuesday, we went sledding at the neighborhood hill. Wonderfully, we had the place to ourselves and had such a fabulous time. Then, we went home to soup, cookies, and more laughter.

Frantically, on Christmas Eve (eve), I was still making my annual pairs of PJs for the boys. Luckily, it was bottoms only and I'm happy to say, I met the deadline.

I had such an itch to make the trees below, they would make wonderful craft projects for school. I think I saw them originally in Better Homes & Gardens magazine but have not been able to find them online.

Today, as part of our New Year's ritual, we took down our Christmas tree. I loved the one we got this year, tall and stately; simply put, it was beautiful.

My husband and I are beginning, tomorrow, our quest for healthier habits - eating and exercising. It seems like a good time with a family reunion and other things on the summer horizon not to mention, we really need to do this. We really aren't ones for making resolutions, you know, its just stressful for the both of us. So, I hope to use this blog as a means to keep myself motivated.

On the home front, I want to redecorate my home mostly through paint; painting the living room, kitchen, entrance hall and powder room - most of the first floor of our home. I plan on blogging about this too. (My office mate will be very grateful as she's been a part of the continued brainstorming this event is having in my life.)

So, onward we go into the adventure of 2011 - wishing your health and happiness in this brand new year!


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