Sunday, November 7, 2010

More shopping?

Seems I've been shopping more than crafting lately! Friday went off with my sister - we hit Toys 'r Us and did some crafting shopping and antiquing. Then, off again to foil a friend and keep her out of her house while her hubby got ready for her surprise party. And, what a surprise it was! For your viewing enjoyment, some eye candy from two wonderful and very different stores.

Much of what is in this store is pricey, but the decorating, ideas, found objects, and new bling is so artfully displayed that its just fun to wonder around and look at everything. I loved these pumpkins!

In the opposite direction, is Embellished Heart in Kenosha, WI.
This place offered antiques outfitted in whimsical ways. Tucked in a smaller shop near the Kenosha News building, the proprietor was engaging, with a quick smile, and the items for sale - oh boy! There were two that I just wanted to scoop up - first, this divine buffet, so 20's! The second, a mirrored side table, under the smartypants tea kettle.

Trolling around, I found another blogger who discovered it - you might want to hop over to Kelle Dame and check her post out as well!

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  1. Love this post!! I'm glad you love their shop! It's one of my favorites! Tori and Norma are the sweetest. Thank you for linking back to me.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!



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