Friday, November 12, 2010


Using Martha Stewart's glitter directions, my friend Jo took glitter one step further with glittered corn and gourds! The detail is a little hard to see in the first picture so be sure to click on it to see the details.

Jo is entertaining her ladies' literary society (yes, a bookgroup) - I'm sure the decos will put the group in the appropriate mindset. I should have asked her what they were reading....

Jo also shared this link with me - Inspired Ideas: The Christmas issue - I have to tell you, it is delightful, extraordinary, fun and flirty - one of the best ezines I've seen yet! I love the Village house craft - made with lots of glitter and small cereal boxes. I think this might be the craft for the Grandmas for Christmas. In fact, I've already started collecting cereal boxes and making my list of appropriate items for my neighborhood.... What do you think about tiny pearl clusters as snow covered bushes.

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