Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Birds

We had a baby shower last week at work and the mom-to-be is doing a nature theme in the nursery. She was inspired and wanted to make this bird mobile but was running out of time.

To the rescue came my work quilt group, who secretly conspired to create the flock of birds you see below.

Quilters were asked to make just one bird but if you try the pattern, you'll see, it soon becomes addictive! What will the next combination of fabric look like? How can I personalize it best?

The mom-to-be was surprised and delighted and the little baby she will soon have, I'm sure will be enchanted as well with the cotton flock.

If you make the birds, here's a few points I would add:

  • machine or hand sewing works fine, but at the top of the neck, sew just a little further along the head for a smooth line.
  • turn under the tail seam before stuffing for a smoother finished look.

Julie has an awesome baby blog too. I absoujtely love her tree decals.

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOSH! I adore that mobile! I can see it bringing life to any corner of the house. Hmmm. Must add it to my LIST.



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