Monday, January 3, 2011

Must-have purchase

I just came across this fabulous blog post by Heather Ross. Do you know Heather? Well, she creates some of the most charming fabric, I mean, I just drool and salivate whenever I come across it - equal only to my passion for Amy Butler and Anna Marie Horner of course.

Heather Ross has designed themes around brides, VW buses, princesses and gnomes, but, with rapidly beating heart, she's going to come out with a line of little girls and their plastic horses this spring.

Oh, my stars! I had my own herd of plastic horses lovingly cared for by my gaggle of Barbies (who were only around because they were the right size.)

I'm going to start stalking, yep, right now. I must have some of this. And, what might I be doing with some fabric? Well, maybe I'll make something for my adorable nieces, but you see, I really do need to keep some for myself. Don't you agree?

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