Saturday, January 1, 2011

Catching up

I've been crazy busy these past two weeks as I'm sure you have been too! Let's see what's we've been up to.

My brother, his wife and lovely daughter were in town and Tuesday, we went sledding at the neighborhood hill. Wonderfully, we had the place to ourselves and had such a fabulous time. Then, we went home to soup, cookies, and more laughter.

Frantically, on Christmas Eve (eve), I was still making my annual pairs of PJs for the boys. Luckily, it was bottoms only and I'm happy to say, I met the deadline.

I had such an itch to make the trees below, they would make wonderful craft projects for school. I think I saw them originally in Better Homes & Gardens magazine but have not been able to find them online.

Today, as part of our New Year's ritual, we took down our Christmas tree. I loved the one we got this year, tall and stately; simply put, it was beautiful.

My husband and I are beginning, tomorrow, our quest for healthier habits - eating and exercising. It seems like a good time with a family reunion and other things on the summer horizon not to mention, we really need to do this. We really aren't ones for making resolutions, you know, its just stressful for the both of us. So, I hope to use this blog as a means to keep myself motivated.

On the home front, I want to redecorate my home mostly through paint; painting the living room, kitchen, entrance hall and powder room - most of the first floor of our home. I plan on blogging about this too. (My office mate will be very grateful as she's been a part of the continued brainstorming this event is having in my life.)

So, onward we go into the adventure of 2011 - wishing your health and happiness in this brand new year!

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