Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's doin?

It'll be back to work next week. Shall we take a peak at what's been going on recently?

For my niece's birthday, Martha Stewart's pom poms were mutated into farm animals. The pigs were my favorite!

Then, I did a little thrifting and found this lovely lamp for my craft room, perfectly shabby.

I painted some dresses for the craft room walls. I'm not much of an artist but had a great couple of mornings playing with watercolors.

And, my latest quilt endeavor. Originally, I had been trying to recreate a quilt from an issue of American Patchwork & Quilting hence the red toile. However, once I started working on it, my combination of reds just wasn't working. So, I went through the stash and managed to find some working reds but not enough to do the kind of pattern I was hoping. Eureka! I settled on this mottled effect and it turned out quite nicely. I wanted to set the darker colors on the diagonal but used all my fabric - maybe I'll try again?

I'm still searching for the perfect red toile - which, for some reason, is extremely difficult to locate. Anyone have any ideas?

This is my first year of growing zinnias in the garden. After seeing my Aunt Cis' garden last year, I had to try and they were well worth the wait. They're so pretty, I cannot bare to cut them to bring them indoors. So, I admire them from afar (far, far away) since the mosquito population in the garden rivals Hong Kong.

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